• Late 60s Rock Radio Show - DJ Bobby Reno  over WTIX - New Orleans 12/26/1968

Actual Broadcast Recording (Aircheck)Station:  WTIX 690 AM - New Orleans, LouisianaDJ: Bobby Reno Date:  December 26.1968Length: 44 minutes (digitally remastered and placed on CD at our studios here at Rock-it Radio RIR Release #: 258 Flashback to the year 1968 and the day after Christmas.  This is an actual broadcast of that evening.  You will hear the news, weather, sports, advertisements and music just like you were listening back then.  To one of the top stations in New Orleans -- WTIX!  This is what you will hear on this broadcast.....   1.   Song: Tra la la la song  (middle of song) - The Glory Roads.2.   Song: "Heard It Through The Grapevine" -- Marvin Gaye3.   Happy Holidays from WTIX and the Bobby Reno Show!4.   Song: "Gloria" by Them5    WTIX Jingle 6.   Song: Aretha Franklin  "I'm Left Singing A Song"7.   Song: "Stormy" -- The Classics IV--   Song:  "Love Power" -- Possibly the Sandpebbles unknown exact artists.8.   WTIX News--Special feature Apollo 7 Space Craft conversation between folks on Apollo 7 and us on Earth.     Also in the news -- Unfair treatment of men compared  to women concerning arrest opposed to citation.  And Paris Peace Talks continue with North Vietnam.9.   ICT Computer Training School ad10.  weather11.  Song: "I'll Be There"  (Psychadelica)  Marrilee Rush and the Turnabouts.12.  Song: Sly And The Family Stone  "Dance To The Music"13.  Kreeger's Clothing Store advertisement  "Dress in California Colors     and cover yourself in Passionate Purple, Boss Black, and Slippery     Silver!"14.  Coca-cola song ad15.  Song: Renee & Renee "The More I Love You"16.  "Live A Litte, Love A Little" Movie ad in Metro-Color       staring Elvis Presley showing at the Airline, Algiers, and The West Gage(?) Drive-in Theatres17.  WTIX  New Orleans Jingle...18.  Song: The Monkees  "Wake Up Sleepy Jean"19.  Song: O.C. Smith "Isn't It Lonely Together"20. Advertisement Groovy Stereo systems ad ________ City USA (name of record store)21.  DJ with concert information -- John Friend this Friday Night at the Grotto22.  Song: Bee Gees  "I Started A Joke"  (cut off - and end of broadcast)    If you miss the days of Top 40 Radio -- Or want to hear how Radio was in it's entirety.  These vintage broadcasts are a great way to either fondly remember or learn how Radio really should be! We have other vintage radio broadcasts from the era of Top 40 Radio including Alan Freed, Mad Daddy Pete Myers, Casey Kasem and others in our store.  Plus other Offshore Radio Broadcasts from the UK and elsewhere as well.  Multiple orders receive the same postage rate as single orders.  Satisfaction is guaranteed -- If not satisfied simply return product for a full 100% refund.   Please also check our feedbacks of how people have really enjoyed these offerings.  we always leave positive feedback on smooth transactions.

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Late 60s Rock Radio Show - DJ Bobby Reno over WTIX - New Orleans 12/26/1968

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